Don’t be quick to react.

You ever do something out of spite or just the heat of the moment? My mom made me do some spring cleaning about 2 weekends ago and I threw out a lot of stuff, stuff that I can never get back and now it's hitting me like damn why did I do that. I know [...]

What I want.

I hope there's not too many errors in this post I didn't have much time to write this today before I went to work So there's this girl I barely talk to, but every time I do somehow she ends up saying "aww you'll find someone someday" and I don't know why she said that. [...]

Oil Change

So the other day I was going to do an oil change on my car but I stripped the drain plug bolt. For me I didnt care because I knew I could just take it to the mechanic and I knew he'd be able to get the bolt out but my mom got really upset [...]

Nutty Irishman

Yesterday I went to this bar called the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale, it was pretty good, I made out with a stranger and that was something I've never done before. I don't really talk to woman at the bar, I kind of just vibe, so this was just new for me. When we kissed I [...]


This is going to be a quick blog post because I have to go on a run soon. I feel like I'm stuck in life right now like I'm not enjoying it. I just started working at this new place and there's so many positives to it, like I'm a lot less stressed from work [...]

Advice to myself

You really do appreciate all the little things people do for you when they’re gone. Don’t take people for granted. Nothing last forever. There’s just so much bullshit someone can put up with until they want to go. The thing about change is, you can change all you want, but the other person doesn’t need [...]

The Succulent.

Suffocating someone with love. You can’t change things by loving them harder. When someone wants to leave in a relationship because they fell out of love, I don’t believe loving them harder is the answer. Have you ever owned a succulent or a cactus? I have, they’re kind of hard to take care of, I [...]