Fear of Being Alone

We all want love. It’s just something we crave but the more I notice, I feel like people don’t let their hearts heal before moving on. Let me explain. I think we have this huge fear of being alone or that things won’t get better from our past, or we honestly just want to move [...]


Sometimes it takes a drunk call to certain someone to make you realize you’re aloneSometimes it takes a bit of throwing up to realize there’s no one there to helpSometimes it takes a stranger to make you realize they aren’t my home.Sometimes it takes a bit of drugs to make you believe everything will be [...]

Love me…

Why don't you love me Why did you leaveYou left me alone There was nothing to hold No more stories to unfold without a trace I no longer see your face we had a hot flame burnt out , am I the one to blame?How could this transpire?Going through the wire Yet I'm the liar. Oh how I miss your skin when will I ever [...]