Gone Girl ­čśó

I can't believe how upset I am about this girl I barely knew, well I will cope the only way I know how, listening to sad songs while high. Here's a playlist I made if people want a sad boy playlist. The first song I feel like described the relationship perfectly by the way so [...]

It’s too late.

You always wanted to dance in the rain And I don't know why I was always so afraid. But now that I'm braveYou're gone.I have no fearsJust tears.Thinking about what I could have done.All those little things would have been fun. But since I was scared, I ran out of time.You're no longer mineWith a blurry future, my [...]

How Nostalgic Is Your Music?

Recently Spotify came out with a playlist called your top songs 2018, obviously this is a playlist of the song you listened to the most this year. Music for me was always a powerful tool, because whenever I couldn't express myself using words there was always a song that could just explain how I was [...]