Gone Girl 😢

I can't believe how upset I am about this girl I barely knew, well I will cope the only way I know how, listening to sad songs while high. Here's a playlist I made if people want a sad boy playlist. The first song I feel like described the relationship perfectly by the way so [...]

Fear of Being Alone

We all want love. It’s just something we crave but the more I notice, I feel like people don’t let their hearts heal before moving on. Let me explain. I think we have this huge fear of being alone or that things won’t get better from our past, or we honestly just want to move [...]

Social Detox

After my mental breakdown, I decided to deactivate all my social media except snapchat because I don't know my password to that. I've been on Pinterest a lot lately just researching what I can do to get out of my funk. Things I've done so far, I made a meal last night that made feel [...]

Someone Help me.

Today was a crazy day for me. I had to call out of work today because I experienced my first panic attack this morning, I was so scared at first because I thought I was dying, I just couldn’t breathe. I’ve been sad the whole day now. Last night I went out to drink with [...]

You Were my Everything.

I loved you so I set you freeBut trust me you were my everything I didn't want to give up but trust me I did it for you I wanted whatever was best for you but trust me it just wasn't me I wanted you to be happy but trust me you know I made you mad I promised you many things But [...]

The box

This is where your love lies This is the place where you still haven’t said good bye This is the place where I still see your face This is the place where we’re still meant to be This is the place my heart needs Your words heal Every love letter, every card which I still [...]