She was the book that I would read over and over again, hoping for a different ending.So blind, I’ve forgotten that there were other books.A book shelf right in front of me.Books full ofNew chapters.Fresh pages.With every indentation, every line, every word,I would slowly forget her book.Afraid of this new bookI don’t know even know her titleHer words are a code I’m always trying to decipherBut I’ll try my best to memorize her pages, her stories until I’m no longer afraid.Hoping for new chapters to be madeHoping for old memories that would fadeAlways hoping she will help me to turn … Continue reading Books


I feel like I’ve been extremely busy lately, I don’t like it. I enjoy having nothing to do after work. I love hanging out with people but I always need to recharge my social battery after a bit and I’m hoping after Saturday I can just relax for a bit. This year for no shave November I would like to participate but I also don’t want to get a haircut for the whole month, so I’m going to be looking a little rough unfortunately, I haven’t gone a month with no haircut in so long. I like to get a … Continue reading 15/23


Things I love. I love clothes I love fruit I love playing soccer I love traveling I love being outdoors I love my friends I love taking pictures I love colognes I love getting haircuts I love my face to be honest lol I love music I love the feeling I get after eating something healthy lol I love lemonade (I try not to drink it too much) I love Munich (I wish I could live there) I love tattoos I love love I love small kisses on the cheek (they make me smile) I love it when no one … Continue reading 14/23