Advice to myself

You really do appreciate all the little things people do for you when they’re gone. Don’t take people for granted. Nothing last forever. There’s just so much bullshit someone can put up with until they want to go. The thing about change is, you can change all you want, but the other person doesn’t need to take you back, that’s their decision and you just have to accept that, just continue to change for the better. Don’t change for someone else, change because you want to be that person who gives and does better. Always be the version of yourself. Always be kind to others and remember to smile, life is too short to be sad or angry. Don’t feel sorry all the time, everyone makes mistakes. Live in the moment, enjoy every second. Remember people love you.

Just something I have to remind myself everyday.


My Past.

Because I remember watching the movie 42
In a packed movie theater where it felt like it was just me and you
Going to the book store reading Dr. Seuss
Where our lips let lose
Reading things like “today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”
I know you miss that dude
But my favorite memory was my birthday where we did nothing, but you made me feel like I was something
The first time you left for school I knew you were my everything
I gave you a ring it should have meant something
Yet I broke my word
Foolish me because you were my world
Now you’re just a lesson learned
Should have treated you better like you deserved