April’s Real Fool

No one thinks about the jester
But the jester thinks about you
I have to keep you entertained
I mean you’re the queen living in the castle
And I’m the man without a home
I still wonder when you’ll let me in
All those knights, yet I’m still stupid enough to put up a fight
All those nights, I’m still acting like a fool
But you’re the queen and I’m your tool
On some days, even me the jester wants the queen

I'm hoping you're missing the smell of my T-shirt
would you believe that my heart still hurts 
You use to wear my clothes 
Now I loathe 
confused on why you want to be alone 
hoping you'd call my phone. 
our future maybe unknown 
oh how much you've grown
my love I've shown
if only I could clone the throne I put you on 


Tonight/About me.

I’m going to sleep tonight with so many thoughts running through my head,
wishing you were here laying on my bed
and I cant even say that I’m upset
and we’re just getting older baby
I’m running out of time to make you my lady
I guess this what dreams were made for right?,
I’m chasing someone who doesn’t want me.
It’s been turning into a nightmare lately
something that truly haunts me
because I feel like you taunt me
But not everything is about me. 

Because Baby

Because baby the night at the Falls made fall for you
Because baby the day at Disney saved me
Lunches at the park even after dark could never tear me apart
I understand if you don’t want me as your man
I understand if you want someone else’s hand
Because somewhere I lost myself
I forgot your wealth
Because when you don’t call, I know you don’t miss me at all
I’m sorry I asked you to stay on this island full of sand, you know I just wanted to be your man
I promise you I’m doing the best that I can

I am

I believe in me
I am my truth
I am the kid in my youth
I am my pain
I am the calm in the rain
I am my heart
I am the light in the dark
I am love
Simply I love me
I am me
I believe in me