Stranger on the Train

Maybe it was the way she stood with no care in the world
Blasting her music on the train like no one would notice how loud it was playing
Walking around the train like she owned the place
You could tell she didn’t give a fuck
She walked on the train and the first thing I noticed was her skateboard
Mysterious with her sunglasses on
I just wanted a taste of her brain, just wanting to know more
She was so foreign to me
She was unique in the way she presented herself
But she was herself
No front
No bullshit
So confident and that’s what made her sexy
Not her body or face, just her fierce confidence
And I wanted to get to know her.

I'm hoping you're missing the smell of my T-shirt
would you believe that my heart still hurts 
You use to wear my clothes 
Now I loathe 
confused on why you want to be alone 
hoping you'd call my phone. 
our future maybe unknown 
oh how much you've grown
my love I've shown
if only I could clone the throne I put you on 


Tonight/About me.

I’m going to sleep tonight with so many thoughts running through my head,
wishing you were here laying on my bed
and I cant even say that I’m upset
and we’re just getting older baby
I’m running out of time to make you my lady
I guess this what dreams were made for right?,
I’m chasing someone who doesn’t want me.
It’s been turning into a nightmare lately
something that truly haunts me
because I feel like you taunt me
But not everything is about me. 


Sometimes I wish you were invisible.
Sometimes you’re the only thing I can see
Yet you still appear in my dreams
I just wish my hopes didn’t come alive at night time
Always thinking now is the right time
I try to keep you out of my sight
You’re not invisible.

My Past.

Because I remember watching the movie 42
In a packed movie theater where it felt like it was just me and you
Going to the book store reading Dr. Seuss
Where our lips let lose
Reading things like “today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”
I know you miss that dude
But my favorite memory was my birthday where we did nothing, but you made me feel like I was something
The first time you left for school I knew you were my everything
I gave you a ring it should have meant something
Yet I broke my word
Foolish me because you were my world
Now you’re just a lesson learned
Should have treated you better like you deserved