I Wrote This When I was Mad

Because not all superheroes wear capes 
I can no longer be your chew toy so that you can escape
I can’t be controlled by someone who just walks away my from my life
And you think you still have that power over me? Man that’s not right
Honestly I use to think all girls are crazy except for you then your true colors came
You probably thought we felt the same
So now again I’m the one to blame
Because with all your delusions and probably your friends contributions to “advice”
The shit you said doesn’t even sound right but it probably sufficed your bruised ego
Now this is me saying let me go
Because you judge me for writing about pain instead of asking me and picking at my brain
Yeah I understand that you use to mean the world to me but how can you tell me how to feel?
That’s on me.
I know who you become so don’t tell me you’re not that person anymore, unfortunately I’ve noticed you don’t know how to read because things I write are in the past tense and I’m allowed to keep happy memories
So stop trying to fight me I’m no longer your enemy
So keep away I don’t want your energy
I want peace
I don’t deal well with confrontation
So stop with your speculations
Maybe you should try yoga and meditation
Like don’t lose your concentration you have bigger things to worry about
I never want to hear you shout
Because you have been mean and unfair
And all I did was play nice and stare
So this is my comeback
My clap-back
So now I have to spit facts
Because your brain cell lack the capability to understand I’m no longer your man, YOU left me out of your plan
So show me where you stand
Help me understand
Are you really over this shit
Because I’ve always been smart enough to take a hint
You’re on this journey and I think you’re trying to sprint through it, this first time it’s a good thing to finish last, who knew it
You’ll never forget me or get over me, you blew it
Love yours truly, Somebody you use to know. 

Your cry for help.

I swear all you do is try to hurt me
Don’t you think you did enough when you desert me
You hate me because I’m Mr. Perfect
Trying to make up reasons why I’m not worth it
I think you hate on my charisma
You try to make me feel like a single cell organism
Because lines and rhymes will never truly express how I feel
I’m telling you how with time you’ll heal
I think we finally got that goodbye I always thought I needed
Thank you.
Because of you now I’m at ease
Living life how I please
You claimed that you have changed, I think it’s out of rage
Holding on to words I said that destroyed you
So I’m giving you that apology I most definitely owed you
Telling me that I should move on
Like I’m in the wrong for my emotions
You came out of the blue like a shark in the ocean but
You came to me
Because you set the rules that you expect me to follow, you think I’m a puppet on strings
Wanting me to obey your rules and to not to feel a thing but
You came to me
I’ve kept my distance but 
You came to me.
What’s wrong old friend
I know this is probably end but
I just gotta know are you okay?

Love me…

Why don't you love me 
Why did you leave
You left me alone 
There was nothing to hold 
No more stories to unfold 
without a trace 
I no longer see your face 
we had a hot flame 
burnt out , am I the one to blame?
How could this transpire?
Going through the wire 
Yet I'm the liar. 
Oh how I miss your skin 
when will I ever win. 


You're watching me fall down 
Why aren't you around 
Where are you now
Why does this feel so good
You can't even smile even though you should
I don't understand anything 
I don't want to feel time so don't let the alarm ring
I'm fine. 
Take a hit, unwind. 
Relax don't get too attached.
Watch everything turn black. 
Forget & Regret it's all the same.

Steven’s Christmas Carol

Pretending to be fine

Wishing you were mine.

I wanted to be yours this Christmas

I wanted to be on your wishlist.

I wish I was kissing you under the mistletoe

I didn’t think you would go.

Staring at the tree

Wondering where you could be.

Siting by the fire

Wishing I was beside her.

I gave you my all

How’d you let me fall.

I’m still in love with you

That’s why I’m feeling blue this Christmas.

Today is Christmas Eve

How could you leave?

Always thought we were meant be

This is so hard to believe.

The weather outside is so cold

These feelings are getting old.

Knowing I have to keep my distance

I still hope you have a Merry Christmas.


I dare you to live your life

I dare you to be bold

I dare you to grow old

I dare you to let your story to be told

I dare you to let your life unfold

I dare you to live a life un-annoyed

I dare you to live a life without void

I dare you.

I dare you to drive me crazy

I dare you to be lazy

I dare you to amaze me

I dare you to save me.

-Steven Benavides

The box

This is where your love lies

This is the place where you still haven’t said good bye

This is the place where I still see your face

This is the place where we’re still meant to be

This is the place my heart needs

Your words heal

Every love letter, every card which I still keep

Because one day I promise you, I’ll try to sweep you off your feet

This box is where we’ll meet.