You Were my Everything.

I loved you so I set you freeBut trust me you were my everything I didn't want to give up but trust me I did it for you I wanted whatever was best for you but trust me it just wasn't me I wanted you to be happy but trust me you know I made you mad I promised you many things But [...]


I’m not Scared.

I think you’ll always forget how we saved one anotherYou saved me from herAnd I saved you from himBut I’m no longer scaredNow your in your underwearThe only thing I could do was stareUnaware where your body would take meWhat you’d make of meRunning my hand through your hair as you’re unaware that you’ve fallen [...]

I Wrote This When I was Mad

Because not all superheroes wear capes I can no longer be your chew toy so that you can escape I can’t be controlled by someone who just walks away my from my life And you think you still have that power over me? Man that’s not right Honestly I use to think all girls are [...]

Your cry for help.

I swear all you do is try to hurt meDon’t you think you did enough when you desert meYou hate me because I’m Mr. PerfectTrying to make up reasons why I’m not worth itI think you hate on my charismaYou try to make me feel like a single cell organismBecause lines and rhymes will never [...]

Love me…

Why don't you love me Why did you leaveYou left me alone There was nothing to hold No more stories to unfold without a trace I no longer see your face we had a hot flame burnt out , am I the one to blame?How could this transpire?Going through the wire Yet I'm the liar. Oh how I miss your skin when will I ever [...]


You're watching me fall down Why aren't you around Where are you nowWhy does this feel so goodYou can't even smile even though you shouldI don't understand anything I don't want to feel time so don't let the alarm ringI'm fine. Take a hit, unwind. Relax don't get too attached.Watch everything turn black. Forget & Regret it's all the same.

Steven’s Christmas Carol

Pretending to be fine Wishing you were mine. I wanted to be yours this Christmas I wanted to be on your wishlist. I wish I was kissing you under the mistletoe I didn’t think you would go. Staring at the tree Wondering where you could be. Siting by the fire Wishing I was beside her. [...]