I am

I believe in me I am my truth I am the kid in my youth I am my pain I am the calm in the rain I am my heart I am the light in the dark I am love Simply I love me I am me I believe in me


Sometimes it takes a drunk call to certain someone to make you realize you’re aloneSometimes it takes a bit of throwing up to realize there’s no one there to helpSometimes it takes a stranger to make you realize they aren’t my home.Sometimes it takes a bit of drugs to make you believe everything will be [...]

You Were my Everything.

I loved you so I set you freeBut trust me you were my everything I didn't want to give up but trust me I did it for you I wanted whatever was best for you but trust me it just wasn't me I wanted you to be happy but trust me you know I made you mad I promised you many things But [...]