Say My Name

I miss you more than words could ever explain.
I know that it’s all in my brain,
but I stay up at night thinking of you and that drives me insane,
That’s my own fault and I’m the one to blame.
Maybe someday you’ll feel the same,
Hopefully one day you’ll say my name.


Fill Rust.

You make me so numb
I wish I could feel
But my emotions you steal
I guess that’s just how I’m made
My heart with a blockade
I can’t grow in this cage
In rage
How could you walk
Without a talk
You said forever
I didn’t think that meant never
You never gave me enough credit
I mean you said it
I’m not him.
Something about his aurora or his presence
You made me feel like peasant
So unpleasant
I try to act like I’m not hurt or like I’m okay
But no lie
I still cry
Trying to forget what you did
Who am I going to kid
I’m scarred
And all that love you borrowed
I need it back so I don’t spiral
Oh how I was a fool
You used me like tool
Right in front me with all that disrespect
But how was I suppose to suspect
Let alone detect what was under my nose
Stupid of me that no questions arose
I mean what am I suppose to do
You already chose
I hope it was worth it
Because I’ve never felt more broken.
Maybe I should be king of the knots,
Since I always have knots in my stomach.


Sometimes I wish you were invisible.
Sometimes you’re the only thing I can see
Yet you still appear in my dreams
I just wish my hopes didn’t come alive at night time
Always thinking now is the right time
I try to keep you out of my sight
You’re not invisible.

Because Baby

Because baby the night at the Falls made fall for you
Because baby the day at Disney saved me
Lunches at the park even after dark could never tear me apart
I understand if you don’t want me as your man
I understand if you want someone else’s hand
Because somewhere I lost myself
I forgot your wealth
Because when you don’t call, I know you don’t miss me at all
I’m sorry I asked you to stay on this island full of sand, you know I just wanted to be your man
I promise you I’m doing the best that I can