Nights on Long Island

Another night on Long Island Nights feel so long and- I don’t know what I’m doing Like what goals am I pursuing? Should I stay or should I go? This is the only place I know Another night on Long Island Nights feel so long and- Another night without you Is like another night without [...]

For You/Me

Tell me what you’re looking for Were you expecting more? Was I expecting her? For you. Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel emotions It’s the reason why I lose focus. It’s crazy how we deal with pain Thinking we’re never going to be the same For you. I lost everything so I have everything to [...]

April’s Real Fool

No one thinks about the jester But the jester thinks about youI have to keep you entertained I mean you're the queen living in the castleAnd I'm the man without a homeI still wonder when you'll let me in All those knights, yet I'm still stupid enough to put up a fight All those nights, [...]

I'm hoping you're missing the smell of my T-shirtwould you believe that my heart still hurts You use to wear my clothes Now I loathe confused on why you want to be alone hoping you'd call my phone. our future maybe unknown oh how much you've grownmy love I've shownif only I could clone the throne I put you on  

Because Baby

Because baby the night at the Falls made fall for you Because baby the day at Disney saved me Lunches at the park even after dark could never tear me apart I understand if you don’t want me as your man I understand if you want someone else’s hand Because somewhere I lost myself I [...]