Sometimes it takes a drunk call to certain someone to make you realize you’re aloneSometimes it takes a bit of throwing up to realize there’s no one there to helpSometimes it takes a stranger to make you realize they aren’t my home.Sometimes it takes a bit of drugs to make you believe everything will be okay.Sometimes it takes a friend to make you realize you aren’t helplessSometimes it takes God to make you realize you have to keep faithSometimes you have to revisit the past to realize you were the one. Continue reading Sometimes.

Steven’s Christmas Carol

Pretending to be fine Wishing you were mine. I wanted to be yours this Christmas I wanted to be on your wishlist. I wish I was kissing you under the mistletoe I didn’t think you would go. Staring at the tree Wondering where you could be. Siting by the fire Wishing I was beside her. I gave you my all How’d you let me fall. I’m still in love with you That’s why I’m feeling blue this Christmas. Today is Christmas Eve How could you leave? Always thought we were meant be This is so hard to believe. The weather … Continue reading Steven’s Christmas Carol

Bleeding In Silence

How many times a day do people ask you “how do you feel?” or “how are you?” probably at least once a day right? How many times do you actually tell them how you feel? I use to keep to myself a lot because as men we really aren’t taught to talk or express our feelings. Bottling up your emotions was a skilled I mastered, no one ever knew when I was upset because I always carried a big smile on my face, but in reality I was bleeding in silence. Hurting everyday with so much weight on my shoulders, … Continue reading Bleeding In Silence