Simple Pleasures

Yesterday I had lots of fun doing the simplest things, I went to Caumsett. Caumsett is this state park that I’m absolutely in love with, I’ve been there so many times this summer and I got to experience it for the first time yesterday in the fall and it was absolutely gorgeous. The color, the [...]

Nights on Long Island

Another night on Long Island Nights feel so long and- I don’t know what I’m doing Like what goals am I pursuing? Should I stay or should I go? This is the only place I know Another night on Long Island Nights feel so long and- Another night without you Is like another night without [...]

Boys in the woods.

As if we were kids again. Let's get lost in this moss we call the woods. The deeper I go, I feel my soul feel electric. This is what makes me feel alive. Not a care in the world, not afraid to die. Exploring new horizons, wondering what can we find. Excited by making new [...]

Oil Change

So the other day I was going to do an oil change on my car but I stripped the drain plug bolt. For me I didnt care because I knew I could just take it to the mechanic and I knew he'd be able to get the bolt out but my mom got really upset [...]

The I Don’t Know

I’ve been reading this book called “The Cow in the Parking Lot” by Leonard Scheff and Susan Edmiston. I wanted to share a short story from this book that recently changed my mind set on how to live my life and hopefully it helps you. “A landlord came to the Zen master in a state [...]

Fear of Being Alone

We all want love. It’s just something we crave but the more I notice, I feel like people don’t let their hearts heal before moving on. Let me explain. I think we have this huge fear of being alone or that things won’t get better from our past, or we honestly just want to move [...]

Valentine’s Day

I know It’s pretty late and there’s probably a lot of grammar errors but oh well, I should have written this sooner, but I was working, and I thought about it while I was working. Show your significant other you love them this Valentine’s day. One of the last mistakes I made before my ex [...]