Pinus Cembra

Because with you all I needed was a picnic blanket, sitting down crisscross applesauce in the woods while the wind blows through my hair and the sun kisses my skin, listening to you tell me, “that’s an American sycamore not a Fraxinus Americana” like if I knew the differences between trees. A simple day in the woods does not feel like a day in the woods, it feels like fireworks in the city because in reality I’m just not you and you’re not me. We’re opposite who just happened to attract. We are opposite who found beauty in one another. I need to tell you. For the first time, I saw this tree and it didn’t remind me of you. It reminded me of me. A beautiful Pinus Cembra which is also know as a swiss pine. Finally, something that doesn’t remind me of the days you were mine. Finally, I can start living for me. Finally, I’m free. Finally. Goodbye tree. Thank you for setting me free.